Comfortable food

The term “Comfortable food” first appeared in 1966, in Palm Beach post article in the United States. Since then numerous researches and books have been written  about comfortable eating.

In the Cambridge Dictionary a comfortable food is interpreted as food that people eat when they are in low spirit or excited. Food that have a nostalgic meaning, are easy to prepare, revives your childhood memories - all these are your personal comfort food. The concept is individual for each person, not only because of personal memories and experiences, but in the cultural context as well.

According to the studies recently conducted in the US, comfortable foods for men are associated with hot and high-calorie food such as steaks, soups, etc., while comfortable foods for women are chocolate, ice cream and other sweets.

Let’s review comfortable dishes in different countries.

Beans  with tomato on a toast or fish and chips are favorite comfort food of the British.

Italy - crostini or bruschetta; minestrone - vegetable soup with pasta and lots of Parmesan cheese; spaghetti alla carbonara and definitely a dessert - Tiramisu - for the perfect finish.

Any excited Frenchman will forget stress, while eating onion soup with crunchy bread and drinking a glass of wine, of course. He will definitely add the little madeleine soaked in tea as a dessert

Wiener Schnitzel is a comfortable and favorite dish of the Austrians.

A typical American lifts his mood with a grilled cheese toast. For dessert, he eats apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or one tablespoon of peanut butter.

Miso soup, mochi, onigiri, ramen, tempura or udon, this is how people cope with stress in Japan.

For Georgians, probably the most comfortable and favorite food is Khachapuri, Mchadi and cheese, cucumber and tomato salad or fried potatoes.

What is your comfortable food?