Balanced Nutrition

With a balanced nutrition we get all the essential substances that are necessary for the proper functioning of our body. The ration consists of a variety of food that we take in a certain proportion and know how many calories we need to maintain weight. It is recommended for women to eat an average of 2000 calories per day, and for men – 2500 calories.

How to keep to a diet:

  • Eat 5 portions of fruits and vegetables a day – it is preferably that ⅓ of our ration consist of fruits and vegetables. It can be fresh, frozen, dried, canned or pressed fruits and vegetables. It has been scientifically proven that such people are less likely to get sick with cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

The main meal consists of starchy carbohydrates - pasta, potatoes, rice, bread. It is preferable that it makes up ⅓ of the ration. Choose whole grains and fiber-rich products. These products are rich in vitamins and minerals. Carbohydrates fill us with energy needed for the movement of the body and functioning of internal organs.

  • Protein makes up ⅙ of the ration. Beef and poultry meat, fish, beans, eggs are essential components of the diet, although they should  be taken in small quantities.
  • Dairy products and vegetable alternatives produced therefrom make up ⅙ of the ration. Cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese are an essential part of the diet and are necessary for the health of our bones and teeth.
  • Use only healthy fats: olive oil, avocado oil, sunflower and walnut oils. Reduce consumption of sugar, salt and fatty foods to a minimum.
  • Drink plenty of water - the recommended norm for women is at least 6 glasses of water a day, for men - 8 glasses.