Thermos bottle: how to choose

Thermos is a necessary thing - in the winter time it helps us to always have a warm drink, and in the summer, it is most likely used for additional comfort while staying in nature.

Here we look at tips for choosing a thermos that is designed for drinks, but we need to mention that there are the following types of thermoses:

Thermos for food

Thermos for drinks

Universal thermoses

Thermo glasses

Decide on the volume of the future thermos. If the thermos is intended for drinks - proceed from the duration of its use on the route and the number of people it is designed for. Remember that the more free space remains in the thermos, the faster it cools. Therefore, it is not necessary to take a large thermos "with a reserve" in volume.

The larger the volume of the thermos, the greater its weight - consider this parameter when planning the weight of your equipment. In camping and autotravel the most popular are thermoses with a volume of 1-2.5 liters. For walks around the city and the park, cycling and car trips fit thermoses with a volume of 0.5 liters or thermo cups.

Responsible manufacturers always test their thermos in order to determine their thermal insulation characteristics. According to their results is determined by the period during which the drink or water will remain hot. These data are usually published by the manufacturer. In any case, a good steel flask “holds” the temperature for about 8 hours, a glass one - for about 6. High-grade steel thermoses keep water or drink hot for up to 24 hours. During these periods, the temperature in the thermos decreases to a mark of 70-80 ° C (depending on the test method used), after which it drops to a residual temperature of 50-60 ° C much faster. With any test procedure, the thermos flask is preheated, and the initial water temperature is 95 ° C.


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