5 most expensive teas


The tradition of tea drinking appeared in ancient China. Today it is spreaded throughout the world, as in the post-Soviet envirenment. The tastiest tea grows in Western Georgia, in Guria and Adjara.
This time we want to tell you about the most expensive and original teas of the world.
We offer you the best five:

5. Tieguanyin - Named after the Iron Goddess of Mercy (Buddhist deity) Tieguanyin is Oolong tea, a blend of semi-fermented black and green teas. It has a distinctive chestnut flavor and heavy, hard, crunchy leaves. Tieguanyin tea began to be prepared in the 19th century in Fujian province. The technology of its preparation is very complex and includes several dozen stages. After harvesting, the leaves are dried in the sun, cooled, dried again with some oxidizing agents, then rolled up, fixed, dried again, and then roasted and saturated with aroma. Leaves can be infused seven times and tea will not lose its flavor.

4. Huge attention at an auction in Hong Kong, which was held in November 2013, attracted a 20-pound box of rare tea Narcissus Wuyi Oolong Tea. She has more than half a century and she has her own history. It was exported from the Chinese Wuyi to Singapore in the 1960s. Traveling from hand to hand, the box returned to Hong Kong, where it was bought by a Malaysian-Chinese collector. Narcissus Oolong is considered one of the most exquisite Chinese teas. Leaves gather on Wuyi Mountain in Fujian province. The name of the tea was in honor of the Greek myth of Narcissus.

3. Panda Dung literally means "panda feces." This is the secret of terribly expensive tea. Pandas feed exclusively on wild bamboo, but they absorb only 30% of the nutrients, and the remaining 70% are derived from their excrement. However, do not think that tea is panda's litter. It is simply used to fertilize tea trees. It all started when a Chinese entrepreneur decided to grow tea on Mount Ya'an in Sichuan province, and used panda feces for fertilizer. Soon he noticed that the taste of such tea is different, and people are willing to pay big money for such a product.

2. In 2005, on the occasion of the 75th anniversary, the famous British tea company PG Tips released a series of tea bags decorated with diamonds. The price of such a bag is $ 15,000. Each is manually decorated with 280 diamonds of the highest quality by jewelers from Boodles and filled with Silver Tips Imperial tea from the manufacturer Makibari Estate. The money was intended for a charitable organization in Manchester.

1. Da-Hong Pao - The real king among teas! The name literally means "big red mantle." Da-Hong Pao is a type of Chinese tea Wuyi Oolong. It is believed that he is one of the great secrets of the imperial Ming dynasty. Rumor has it that the sick mother of the emperor was cured by this mysterious tea. The emperor sent his people to search for healing tea. On Wuyi Mountain, they found four magic tea bushes, three of which have survived to this day. A truly legendary tea. It has healing properties and is a valuable Chinese national treasure. It is offered as a gift to honored guests. Da-Hong Pao tea cannot be found on sale.

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