Movies for Culinary Aficionados

First, cook popcorn - pour 1 tbs of oil into a deep pan or saucepan, add 1 handful of popcorn corn, add a little salt and close the lid tightly. Cook over medium heat. Do not lift off the id until all the grains are cooked through. In 2-3 minutes popcorn will be ready!

You may also buy special popcorn packaging for the microwave and follow the instructions. However, you can cook the same corn in the saucepan, using the method described above, only without adding fat.

We already have popcorn, let’s choose a movie.

“Julie and Julia” is a Hollywood comedy that will not leave culinary lovers indifferent. The film tells the story of a young New York blogger, Julie, who decides to cook dishes every day during a year according to the cook book written by the famous chef Julia Child, to share her experience with blog readers and become a writer. The incomparable character of Meryl Streep, Julia Child, is trying to master a new profession in the 50's, establish a place in the French culinary society and publish her first cook book for American housewives. These two women, who lived in different epochs, have a lot in common, namely a desire to radically change their lives and their affection for cooking.

“No Reservations” is a romantic comedy starring Catherine Zeta-Jones. Kate,   is a trendy restaurant chef in Manhattan. In her perfectly arranged life, there appear unexpectedly  9-year-old niece Zoe and eccentric Sous-Chef Nick. Kate has to adjust to the new reality, win Zoe’s heart, who has to live with her aunt because of her mother’s death, and to admit that she has feelings for Nick.

The film is accompanied by the aroma of Kate’s exquisite dishes, such as wild mushrooms with white truffle sauce and Nick's mouth-watering tasty food.

The recipes for the movie were developed by the French Culinary Institute. You can find them on the Net if you decide to practice magic in the kitchen.

“Chef’s Table” is documentary series on Netflix. Six seasons and 30 episodes tell us about the most outstanding chefs from around the world. Each episode is dedicated to a particular chef, his unique vision, talent, creativity and way of living. After watching this series, you will be convinced that cooking is an art created by special people.