Facts about nutmeg

Nutmeg in itself combines many positive and negative properties. It can be compared with good medicine - it normalizes blood pressure, is a good remedy for headaches, but in large amounts it is not only harmful, but also dangerous. Therefore, you should always be careful when adding this seasoning to dishes so that you don’t have much, sometimes just a pinch is enough.

Muscat contains 3% essential oils, 40% fat, 20% starch, pigments, saponins and pectins. Side effects - arrhythmia, a sharp increase in pressure, intracranial pressure.
and nervous breakdown.

In general, it is suitable for all dishes except mushrooms and pasta products. You can add nutmeg anywhere, the main thing is not to forget to do it in moderation. It is very popular in eastern countries, where no sweet pastries are made without it. In Europe, and more specifically in Holland, almost all dishes are filled with nutmeg. Also, nutmeg is suitable for drinks, such as mulled wine.

It is best to buy nutmeg whole nuts and grind it yourself if necessary. Ground nutmeg is not stored for a long time, as it loses its aromatic properties.

For the first time, nutmeg was used by the Sumerians, which means that seasoning has been known for more than 5,000 years.
The nutmeg tree is a long-lived - it remains fruitful for 100-120 years.

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