Oyster mushroom salad with green apple and cherry tomato marinade
30-60 Min
Light dish
201-500 Kcal

“I am Irina, a restaurateur. I have created menus and concepts for public catering facilities for eighth year already,  but beyond that I always try to take on new challenges in the world of gastronomy and participate in new, beneficial projects. From my early age, cooking and food was associated for me with the search for novelty, and it was in the process of searching and experimenting that I realized that cooking is an area that should definitely become a major part of my life. Cooking is a field of art that fills you with all the emotional components, requires a lot of love, attention and courage, you are constantly in the process of learning and discovery”,  - Irina Eliozishvili

40 40 gr. arugula
40 40 gr. iceberg
250 250 gr. beetroot leaf
7 7 gr. basil
30 30 gr. Kimchi seasoning
100 100 gr. oyster mushroom
8 8 gr. cherry tomato marinade
6 6 gr. apple marinade
40 40 gr. green apple marinade
7 7 gr. Parmesan
5 5 gr. mixed nuts with spices
8 8 ml. olive oil
green apple marinade:
240 240 gr. green apple
20 20 gr. Dijon mustard
20 20 gr. honey
50 50 ml. grape vinegar (Pont)
150 150 ml. water
1 1 рinch salt
cherry tomatoes marinade:
240 240 gr. cherry tomatoes
20 20 gr. Dijon mustard
50 50 ml. balsamic vinegar
20 20 gr. honey
2 2 рinch salt
50 50 ml. water
15 15 ml. olive oil
green dressing:
1 1 piece lemon
1 1 piece lime
90 90 gr. peanuts
15 15 gr. mint
45 45 gr. coriander
25 25 gr. dill
50 50 gr. parmesan
25 25 ml. olive oil
80 80 ml. water
60 60 gr. cream cheese
50 50 gr. sour cream
1 1 teaspoon salt
kimchi dressing:
15 15 gr. sriracha
20 20 gr. mustard
25 25 gr. honey
1 1 рinch salt
18 18 ml. grape vinegar
27 27 ml. olive oil
step 1
Cherry tomatoes marinade: in a bowl pour water, balsamic vinegar (not thickened), olive oil, add honey, Dijon mustard, salt and whisk well so that all the ingredients dissolve well. Cut the cherry tomatoes by halves, put in the resulting liquid and store in the fridge (1 week storage is recommended).
step 2
Green dressing: chop the greens coarsely, chop the mint, put in a blender bowl, squeeze the lemon and lime, add the olive oil, peanuts, water and blend well. Transfer the resulting mass into a bowl, add dairy products by weight, finely grate parmesan cheese, sprinkle with salt and mix well. The sauce is ready (3 days storage is recommended)
step 3
Kimchi dressing: Put all ingredients in the bowl of a hand blender, insert the head of the hand blender to the bottom in and blend well to make an emulsion. If you don't have a hand blender, put all the ingredients except the oil in a deep bowl, mix well with a whisk, then add the olive oil, beating quickly and whisk to create an emulsion (1-2 weeks storage is recommended).
step 4
Cut the beetroot leaves into medium sized chunks, peel the arugula from the stems, chop the basil leaves, chop the iceberg into thin slices, put them in a bowl, pour the kimchi dressing over them and mix gently.
step 5
Transfer the salad leaf mixture to the desired plate, place the oyster mushrooms pre-fried in olive oil/salt/pepper, add the cherry tomato marinade, green apple marinade, parmesan cheese, drizzle with the green sauce and sprinkle with the spiced nut mixture.
step 6
The salad is ready, enjoy it.