Tortellini with pumpkin and Nadughi
30-60 Min

“I am a self-taught cook, an amateur. However, I had good “teachers” – my mother, aunt, grandmothers ... I am a gourmet - I will either eat deliciously or won’t eat at all. Blending tastes and aromas is passion something like gambling that I never get bored of. Culinary instinct never betrays me. For me to make a new dish it is enough to imagine the ingredients and my receptors will immediately make me feel the taste of that combination. I will be frank to say that I have been in this business for a long time – the difference is what I used to do only for family members and friends; I am now doing in a larger scale. It makes me happy. I believe that the basis of a delicious dish lies in fresh and healthy products. I am particularly fond of Italian cuisine - it is a constant source of inspiration for me. Probably because it doesn't limit you - it sets the basic requirements for you and then gives you the absolute freedom in expressing mood, character, individualism” - Tina Osepashvili.

2 2 piece Eggs
50 50 gr. Semolina
150 150 gr. High quality white flour
300 300 gr. Sweet pumpkin
100 100 gr. Ricotta or Nadughi
1 1 рinch Salt
100 100 gr. Butter
2 2 tablespoon Apple vinegar
1 1 teaspoon Honey
10 10 gr. Pumpkin seeds
step 1
To prepare the dough, mix the flour and semolina well. Add one pinch of salt and put it on the straight wooden surface or in the bowl so that it takes the shape of a cone. Make a crater like deepening in the center of the flour cone and crack the eggs. Stir with a fork or by hand with a light motion so that the egg and egg white incorporate. Then we start to gradually knead the flour from the edges into the egg until it is completely absorbed. Finally, we should get a uniform mass with texture and color so that the egg and flour layers do not appear separately when cutting. Give the dough the shape of a ball, roll it in a plastic wrap and store it in the fridge for half an hour. Squeeze the pumpkin bake in baking oven until homogeneous mass is obtained. Mix with Nadughi or ricotta and add salt. For dressing, melt butter and mix honey and apple vinegar.
step 2
Flour the wooden board lightly, place the dough ball in the center and start rolling. Use a wooden rolling pin. Remember, the movement should be from the center to the outer edge, so that we get 1-2 mm thick dough plate.
step 3
Cut round shapes into a rolled dough with a cup. Put the prepared stuffing in the center with a teaspoon, fold it in half and connect the edges of the obtained half-moon. In Italy, they say that a young senior chef who rolled the dough around his little finger and connected the edges to shape the umbilical of his beloved one invented Tortellini. In Bologna, tortillas are more resembled to unblown rosebuds.
step 4
Throw tortellini in well-boiled salted water and cook for 1.5-2 minutes. The tortellini are ready as soon as they float to the surface. Place them on a plate, pour the dressing on it and sprinkle with the roasted pumpkin seeds.

How To Serve

You can decorate the dish with pumpkin chips baked in the oven.