Culinary Therapy

Nothing can make you feel more happy at the end of an unlucky day, than a delicious dinner that you have to prepare yourself. Yes indeed, the psychologists tell us that cooking is the best way to relax with a double effect - an interesting process and a delicious result.

Today, culinary therapy is a quite a common practice for treating depression, stress and anxiety. Therapists often use this method in patients, who have an unstable, chaotic life. Cooking according to the recipe eliminates negative thoughts, improves concentration. Weighing of the ingredients, managing of the process, focusing on the preparation of the dish increases the patients’ self-confidence.

This process is very similar to meditation, with one difference only - culinary therapy is accomplished by a delicious reward. 

Any simple dish that you prepare after a tiring working day, with the ingredients you have at hand, will at least for a moment pull you away from the stressful reality. And if you can share this food with someone else, you will get positive feedback from friends or family members, get involved in communication, exchange emotions - you will definitely enhance your mood.

Creativity is very important in everyday life. Scientists suggest that it helps us to be happier and bold. It may be that your profession completely excludes the creative process, and cooking will definitely be very useful, because the kitchen is the best place to develop creative skills. New discoveries, invented dishes or desserts, small daily achievements in the kitchen, help us to be more positive, confident and happy - research confirms this.