Tashmijabi - Svanetian elarji
30-60 Min
Light dish
500+ Kcal

I have recently discovered this dish. We all know about “Elarji,” but making it is not easy and it is time-consuming. “Tashmijabi,” or otherwise Svanetian “Elarji” is for those who love mashed potatoes, “Elarji” and hot stretching cheese.

300 300 gr. Svanetian red potato
250 250 gr. fresh unsalted cheese. If you cannot find it, use Sulguni
50 50 gr. ghee
5 5 gr. Svanetian salt
150 150 gr. cucumber
step 1
Svanetian "Elarji" tastes better if it is made with Svanetian potatoes, which is redder in colour and easier to fry. Mince boiled potatoes in a meat mincer or stir them well (it is better if you peel them while they are warm and then stir).
step 2
Take a thick-bottomed pot and put milk or butter in it, add potatoes and stir with a wooden spoon until they mix. Once it is very hot, put in cheese and stir. Once the cheese starts melting and stretching, move the pot aside from fire.
step 3
Add salt and other preferred spices (Svanetian salt or savoury). Enjoy before it cools (in Svaneti they always make this dish with 1 or 2 days fresh cheese).

How To Serve

If you are preparing the Tashmijabi at home, you'd better serve it on a plate as soon it's cooked and enjoy until it cools down. You can serve it in a special way by making balls, but, while doing so the temperature will decrease and the cheese won't be as stretchy as in the beginning.