Rachian bean soup
30-60 Min
500+ Kcal

As the majority of the Rachian bean meals, it's the local ham that makes the bean soup taste so special. Rachian ham is the pride of the Georgian ham, jamon, prosciutto or salted meat and can’t stop wondering why isn’t it sold everywhere in ordinary supermarkets? This particular type of ham comes from the village Sadmeli.

 Now, if you wonder why have I chosen this recipe and what is so extraordinary about it? I will tell. Here is why: I’ve tried it once at Ambrolauri local diner and have instantly realized that life would be so dull without it. To cut it short, I’ve spent about 2 hours on asking and praying to the cook for its recipe and finally I got it. I want you to try it and enjoy this jewel of Ambrolauri.

70 70 gr. of red beans (boiled beforehand)
30 30 gr. Rachan ham
2 2 piece clove of garlic
1 1 рinch coriander
8 8 gr. green pepper
1 1 laurel leaf
1 1 рinch fresh or dried Georgian basil
1 1 рinch fresh or dried savory
step 1
Throw your fatty ham pieces into a thick-bottomed pot.
step 2
When the fat starts melting add thinly sliced onion, garlic and coriander stems (keep its leaves for the later). Wait for the onion to lose its color, but control the fire to avoid burning the garlic.
step 3
Then add your precooked beans and gently press here and there to slightly crush some of the beans and to keep others whole.
step 4
The next stage is topping the meal with thinly sliced green pepper, whole laurel leaf, chopped basil and savory. Mix well and pour some hot water in it. Boil for another 10 minutes.

How To Serve

enjoy with a piece of Georgian Shoti bread.