Dessert “Exotic strawberry”
30-60 Min
Light dish
201-500 Kcal

My name is Aleks Kitiashvili. The confectionery industry is a field I hold a deep passion for and have diligently served for a period of 20 years. I studied in France and Austria and at present, I am glad to share my acquired experience with the students of DGF School and College “Ikaros”, where I currently work.

Caramelized almond biscuit:
50 50 gr. butter
50 50 gr. brown sugar
100 100 gr. almond flakes
Passion fruit cream mousse:
1 1 piece egg
80 80 gr. sugar
20 20 gr. pastry flour
180 180 gr. passion fruit puree
100 100 gr. milk
2 2 gr. gelatin plate
40 40 gr. white chocolate
150 150 ml. cream (with 35% fat)
Strawberry compote:
50 50 gr. strawberry puree
100 100 gr. strawberry cubes
10 10 gr. Sugar
2 2 gr. pectin
Несколько Несколько A few mint leaves
step 1
Caramelized almond biscuits: knead the ingredients in a mixer or by hand. Place in the desired bottomless mold and bake at 180 degrees for 10 minutes.
step 2
Passion fruit cream mousse: heat the milk. Put sugar, eggs, pastry flour and passion fruit puree in a separate bowl. Mix this mass with warm milk and cook for 10 minutes.
step 3
Pour the hot mass over the chocolate and gelatin mass. Let it cool and mix with the extracted cream. Place in desired mold and freeze.
step 4
Strawberry compote: heat strawberry puree, mix sugar and pectin.
step 5
Bring to boiling, put the strawberry cubes and take out of the oven. Immediately put it in the desired mold and freeze it.
step 6
To assemble the dessert, place a biscuit on a plate, put passion fruit cream mousse and strawberry compote (for glossy effect, dip it in a neutral nappage).
step 7
Decorate with cut strawberries and mint leaves.

How To Serve

Bon Appetit!