Steak “Au Poivre”
30-60 Min
500+ Kcal

“A few years ago, I decided to change my profession of an artist-designer and transform my hobby culinary into a profession… I got a culinary education. In 2018, an idea came into my mind and I made a fast food restaurant “Steak Sandwich Bar”. I offer fast, healthy food to customers - warm grilled meat sandwiches”- Rusa Chopikashvili.

350 350 gr. beef entrecote
300 300 gr. potatoes
200 200 gr. green beans
100 100 gr. mozzarella or French cheese Tomme d'Auvergne
100 100 gr. cream
50 50 gr. butter
50 50 gr. onions
20 20 gr. garlic
50 50 ml. cognac
50 50 ml. olive oil
5 5 gr. all spice
1 1 рinch of salt
1 1 рinch of pepper mix
step 1
Place beef entrecote on a preheated grill, brush with melted butter (30 g), add salt, pepper, turn over in about 5 minutes and apply butter again, salt and pepper. When the meat is cooked on both sides, place in the oven for about 10-15 minutes at 200 degrees.
step 2
To prepare aligot, boil potatoes, add butter (20 g), cream, garlic and mozzarella. Let stand on the stove and stir actively until homogeneous mass is obtained, salt to taste.
step 3
Pour olive oil on a heated pan, add chopped garlic to green beans, salt and pepper to taste
step 4
To prepare the sauce, fry the onions, add all spice, pour the cognac over it, let it stand and then add the cream and salt to taste.

How To Serve

Cut the steak into medium-sized pieces, arrange on a plate, along with aligot and green beans, pour the sauce.