Young pork with kiwi sauce and quince espuma
60+ Min
500+ Kcal

“I have loved cooking and tasting dishes since childhood and it gave me great pleasure.

Perhaps that is why I have chosen the profession of chef and I realize that I made the right choice, even though I entered the world of cooking at the age of 21.

I have my own style according to which I create each dish. The main idea is to break the gastronomic stereotypes, artificially created frames that someone once established, the inconsistency of products that actually create a fabulous and unforgettable taste when combined.

I try to reflect my character in my dishes and I think this method justifies it.

I want to make my contribution in this world that will beneficial for the country and future generations.” - Giorgi Chulukhadze

250 250 gr. Young pork venter
5 5 gr. Barberry seasoning
5 5 gr. Svanetian salt
80 80 gr. Celery bulb
300 300 ml. Saperavi
40 40 gr. Garlic
3 3 gr. Black pepper
80 80 gr. Butter
14 14 gr. Salt
10 10 ml. Oil
140 140 gr. Kiwi
30 30 gr. Red hot pepper
60 60 gr. Sugar
1 1 gr. Savory
2 2 gr. Dried coriander
3 3 gr. Spices
300 300 gr. Quince
200 200 ml. Coconut milk
100 100 ml. Cream
1 1 gr. Cinnamon seasoning
4 4 gr. Raspberries
150 150 gr. Kumquat
30 30 ml. Lemon syrup
20 20 ml. Lemon juice
1 1 рinch Ajinomoto
5-6 5-6 Allspice grains
1 1 рinch Coarsely ground red pepper
1/2 1/2 Nutmeg
100 100 ml. Rum red
100 100 ml. Almond Amaretto
1 1 gr. Xanthan
step 1
To prepare celery garnish you will need: Celery bulb 80 g., sugar 20 g., Saperavi 300 g., garlic 10 g., black pepper 1 g., allspice grains 5 pieces, nutmeg, butter 20 g., ajinomoto 1 g., salt 2 g. Peel a celery bulb, cut into cubes, place in Saperavi so that it is completely covered, add allspice, grated nutmeg, salt and refrigerate for 24 hours in a plastic wrap. Take out from the wine, dry with a kitchen towel. Rub in pepper, chopped garlic and place in a vacuum with butter and allspices. Add ajinomoto, let in sous vide at 80 degrees for 50 minutes. Before serving the dish, caramelize it with butter and sugar.
step 2
For quince espuma you will need: 300 g of quince, coconut milk 200 ml., cream 100 ml., garlic 7 g., cinnamon seasoning 1 g., lemon juice 20 g., almond amaretto 100 ml., black pepper 2 g., salt 4 g., sugar 25 g. Peel the quince and cook well until it turns into pulp. Drain in a strainer, place in a saucepan and add coconut milk, cream, lemon juice, cinnamon, garlic, pepper, salt, sugar and cook for 15 minutes. Add almond amaretto 3 minutes before finishing. Then blend for 7-8 minutes and drain in a fine strainer so that no structure of the quince appears in the mass. Cool well and blend again for 1 minute. Place in a siphon and add 2 pcs of espuma capsule. Stir well and place in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. For kiwi sauce you will need: Kiwi 140 g., red hot pepper 30 g., dried coriander 2 g., spices 3g., garlic 10 g., savory 1 g., sugar 15 g., salt 5 g. water 500 ml. Squash a pepper and put it in water until 80% of the water is dried up. Add kiwi cut in cubes, grated garlic, savory and dried coriander. Boil at low temperature for 15 minutes. Then add spices, balance the spiciness with sugar and add salt. Let stand at low temperature for 4 minutes.
step 3
Kumquat reduction: Kumquat 150 g., lemon syrup 30 g., allspice grains 2 pcs., coarsely ground pinch of pepper, salt 1 g., red rum 100 ml., water 200 ml., xanthan 1 g. Cut the kumquat into 4 pieces and place in a vacuum, add the listed products except xanthan and let in sous vide 2 hours and 30 minutes in the oven at 80 degrees. At the same time boil the water and halve it, mix the kumquat base, lightly crush it with a sieve and strain it well. Add rum and xanthan, cook for 3 minutes. Young pork venter: Young pork venter 250 g., barberry seasoning 5 g., Svanetian salt 5 g., pinch of dinner salt, garlic 13 g., black pepper 1 g., butter 30 g. Firstly, rub in salt to the meat and fry it in butter, start cooking as soon as the butter melts and turns golden. After roasting, dry with a kitchen towel, add the given spices and crushed garlic, place in a vacuum and let in sous vide at 60 degrees for 1 hour and 40 minutes.

How To Serve

Serving: Kumquat reduction 30 g, celery bulb 75 g, quince espuma 50 g, kiwi sauce 50 g, young pork venter 220 g Lightly fry the meat in the sous vide again, add salt to taste to enhance the taste and place in the oven for 10 minutes at 220 degrees. Place all ingredients on a plate.