Beef cooked in beer with vegetables
30-60 Min

Dmitri Oganezov has been working in the gastronomy for ten years – “After graduating from vocational college I worked at the restaurant “Puris Sakhli”. Then I went to Russia to work on the Winter Olympics. I lived and worked on the island of Cyprus for 2 years, which greatly influenced my professional development. There I studied Mediterranean, Arabic cuisine, mastered the technology of preparing sushi. The last two projects in Georgia, in the opening of which I participated as a chef, are “Lagaza Wine Bar” and the hotel “Ibis Tbilisi Stadium”.  

1 1 kg. Beef
150 150 gr. White onion
250 250 gr. Eggplant
100 100 gr. Red pepper
100 100 gr. Green pepper
250 250 gr. Tomatoes
200 200 gr. Potatoes
500 500 ml. Beer
1 1 Bay leaf
2 2 Garlic
10 10 gr. Basil
10 10 gr. Coriander
10 10 gr. Parsley
50 50 ml. Sunflower oil
30 30 gr. Butter
1 1 рinch Salt
1 1 рinch Black pepper
step 1
Pour oil in a heated saucepan, put butter, bay leaf and the meat cut into cubes. It is desirable to choose a piece of meat with bones, for example, the neck part. Simmer for 5 minutes, add the diced onions.
step 2
When the onion is golden brown pour the beer, remove the cover and bring to a boil. Cook for 5 minutes, then place over low heat, put the cover tightly and cook for 45 minutes until the liquid thickens and the meat gets soft.
step 3
While cooking the meat, fry the vegetables. Pierce the peppers and eggplant with a knife. Place on an open fire together with the potatoes and tomatoes. Fry on all sides until the skin is browned and well baked. Potatoes may take a longer time, or it may be wrapped in foil. Peel off slightly burnt skin vegetables and cut it into medium-sized cubes.
step 4
Replace the chopped vegetables to a saucepan and cook for 10 minutes. Finally add the chopped herbs and garlic, salt and black pepper to taste.

How To Serve

Bon Appetite