Jerked trout
60+ Min
Light dish
0-200 Kcal

Thermal treatment is not the only way of cooking, as smoking, salting and jerking with alcohol are also widely used methods. I love sushi and the taste of raw fish, but as far as I’m aware none of the fish available locally in Georgia are suitable for eating raw, including trout. That’s why I have to buy and prepare imported fish, which costs me quite a sum. In order to satisfy the desire, I try the only Georgian solution – trout jerked in salt and alcohol. The dish has the aroma and a pleasant velvet tecture which all fish-affectionates will love. In the end it won’t be raw, but harmless and super delicious. Also, not to make it tasting like Scandinavian Gravlax, we’ll bundle it into distinct Georgian aromas. The dish is ideal for New Year’s party when people are fasting.

1 1 Big traut
500 500 ml. Honey vodka or an oak Chacha
40 40 gr. Dill
2 2 lemon
80 80 gr. Honey
200 200 gr. Salt
20 20 gr. Fennel seeds
20 20 gr. Corriander seeds
step 1
Get a nice colorful trout. You’d better choose a large trout as the small one will have less fat and less taste. The trout has to have a pleasant watery smell instead of a distinc fishy odor. Eyes must be clear and the body - without any thick mucus coating. Wash it thoroughly, disembowel, wash again, cut in pieces and get rid of the bones using pincet.
step 2
Grease salt into the fish pieces and coat the skin from all sides in a thin layers of salt, then place the pieces on a seran wrap and foil, sprinkle them with fennel and coriander seeds, grate half lemon zest and squeeze one lemon juice on top, pour down some Chacha or vodka to cover the fish. Wrap them all into grin and foil and try to avoid juice licking down from the foil as much as possible.
step 3
Place the wrapped fish on a plate, load it with something heavy as more the fish gets crushed more juice will be discharged from muscles and tastier it will be. Leave the weighted fish in the fridge for the next 64 hours. After waiting for 64 hours either freeze the fish for the further usage, or unwrap it, slice and enjoy. I don’t want to hear you whining on eating the raw fish, as it’s not raw already for the whole 24 hours.

How To Serve

Have it with some dark bread and the already delicious thing will turn into an absolute pleasure. As for the bewerages – semi-dry sparkling wine or aromatic spirits like Chacha, Grapa and Vodka all suits well to it.


Useful Tips

The same dish can be made out of Salmon, but it will need more salt as salmon is much fattier than the trout.