Cheese khinkali with pressed Matsoni and spinach sauce
60+ Min
500+ Kcal

I got professional education at Culinary Academy. I have been working in this field for 5 years already. I love my job. I’m where I need to be and it makes me very happy. I have established the company “Tsomi” and I have my own author’s restaurant “Chef Saradjeff”. I want to popularize Georgian dishes in this space. With my interpretation and vision, taking into account the world’s culinary trends, I want that my dishes suit both lovers of traditional dishes and tourists as well.

The guest who comes to my restaurant is greeted by the warm atmosphere, my family history and time travel, childhood tastes and my vineyard wine.

Entertaining guests with delicious dishes is my hobby! ” - Nikoloz Sarajevi

500 500 gr. highest quality flour
200 200 ml. water
10 10 gr. salt
400 400 gr. Imeretian Cheese
100 100 gr. cheese Sulguni
200 200 gr. Nadughi
1 1 spinach bunch
50 50 gr. walnut
30 30 ml. unrefined sunflower oil
2 2 parsley stems
2 2 beet leaf stems
1 1 mint stem
1 1 clove garlic
1 1 рinch green pepper
1 1 рinch salt
1 1 рinch sugar
1500 1500 ml. Matsoni
step 1
Dough - Knead the dough well. You should receive a firm dough ball, let rest and then place in the fridge for a few hours. Then roll out the dough into a thick layer and divide into pieces, after which we roll them out thinly. We should obtain 7 cm diameter plates.
step 2
Mix grated Imeretian cheese, sulguni and Nadughi to prepare the filling.
step 3
To prepare the sauce, blend the spinach, walnuts, oil, parsley, beet leaf, mint, garlic, green pepper, salt and sugar until you get a homogeneous mass. This sauce is well suited to a variety of meat dishes. Depending on the season, you can add basil and tarragon. (Note: do not add a stem of coriander, it will give a peculiar taste)

How To Serve

Serving - thinly apply pressed Matsoni on a plate, place 1 tablespoon of sauce on the side and place cooked Khinkali. Enjoy!

Useful Tips

 I would recommend you to prepare the pressed Matsoni yourself - place the pressed Matsoni in a cloth bag and hang for pressing it out for 12 hours (it tastes much better than ready-made pressed Matsoni). You will get a thick mass, 1 jar of  Matsoni.  

Pleat Khinkali dough edges with cheese and Nadughi filling and pinch top edges so that it does not open during cooking (try not to leave a large stem so that you can eat it entirely). I would advice to  make small Khinkali, it is easier to make than larger ones! 

Cooking time depends on the density of the dough, for thin dough 3-4 minutes of boiling is enough (if you cook for a longer time, the dough may fall apart). Boil in a salted water.