“Tenili” cheese and mandarin salad with Chivishtari
30-60 Min
201-500 Kcal

“I became interested in culinary from the age of 16. I soon decided to get a professional education in this field and entered the Culinary Academy. Immediately after obtaining my diploma, I left for Turkey for getting practical experience.

The first important job was at the restaurant „Zala“, where I was a chef for 2 years from the opening day. Then there was practice in Spain and the Master-chef, which was actually a great experience for me - interacting with the chefs and their feedback helped me a lot in moving forward. Getting into the final really gave me a great stimulus in my career. My life has changed after this show.

I opened the burger restaurant “Burgerboss”, which I dreamed of since childhood. Why a burger? - I think I am very skillful in it, as much as in anything else, and besides I want to offer the best burger in the city to my guests. My near future  plans are related to Georgian cuisine and fusion, which is my favorite topic. I do not exclude going abroad to study and to further deepen my knowledge and technology “- Gaga Vardanidze.

10 10 gr. spinach
10 10 gr. leaf beet
10 10 gr. bok choy
10 10 gr. pea microgreens
10 10 gr. red romano
60 60 gr. tangerine
10 10 gr. coriander
5 5 gr. garlic
100 100 gr. Tenili cheese
15 15 ml. pomegranate juice
15 15 ml. olive oil
4 4 gr. sugar
20 20 gr. walnut
30 30 gr. lemon
30 30 ml. Borjomi
50 50 gr. corn flour
step 1
Add cut “Tenili” cheese and Borjomi to the corn flour, knead until a homogeneous mass is obtained. Fry the pieces of Chvishtari in oil at 180 degrees.
step 2
To prepare the tangerine marinade, place 60 g of mandarin, 5 g of garlic and 10 g of chopped coriander in a bowl, marinate for 10 minutes.
step 3
To prepare the sauce, mix lemon and pomegranate juice, add sugar and olive oil.
step 4
Put the lettuce leaves in a bowl, pour the sauce over, stir well, add small pieces of roasted walnut.

How To Serve

Place lettuce leaves on a plate, add “Tenili” cheese, strew with Chvishtari pieces and pomegranate seeds.