Coconut rice with roasted shrimps
30-60 Min
Light dish
201-500 Kcal

“At the age of 35, I turned my life upside down. I left the comfortable office walls and enrolled in a culinary academy. Starting a career at this age proved difficult. My life changed radically. For almost two years I have been working for 12 hours a day, without days off. I am studying without interruption. Even in dreams I see recipes. Culinary helped me to find my place on earth. It allows me to establish connection with time. Sometimes I look for old recipes, sometimes I think of new ones, or I connect these two. It is a quite amusing and emotional field, it is both art and business. It seems as if the whole world is involved in the creation, then the dish goes to a person and gratitude returns to us. It is an amazing profession that makes me happy and despite the difficulties, wounds and burns, I will never regret that I am a cook”- Tina Vashakidze                      

3 3 piece Shrimps
100 100 gr. Basmati rice
60 60 gr. Grated coconut
30 30 gr. Peanuts
15 15 gr. Coriander
5 5 gr. Origanum
2 2 clove Garlic
15 15 gr. Red hot pepper
3 3 gr. Sesame oil
10 10 gr. Oil
3 3 gr. Salt
10 10 gr. Butter
20 20 gr. Lemon
3 3 gr. Vinegar
step 1
Wash the rice, pour 200 g water and bring to a boil, then cover and simmer for 10 minutes. Rinse with cold water and strain.
step 2
Fry the peppers on a pan in oil, on a high heat, then add 1 clove garlic thinly cut into rings . When the garlic is colored, strew some peanuts and pour a little sesame oil, then add finely grated coconut and stir constantly.
step 3
Clean the shrimps, add salt and fry in oil for half a minute on each side, finally add the butter to the pan and 1 clove of grated garlic.

How To Serve

Place the rice on a deep plate, arrange the fried shrimp on the top, add little origanum and sprinkle with lemon juice.