10 Ideas for breakfast

1. Focaccia

Not only Georgians are fond of pastry. Just look at Italians – they have pizza, pasta… and focaccia – the leader of the Italian pastry. Focaccia is an Italian bread, it's easy to make and tastes magnificent.

First ingredient for focaccia is yeast. Place it in a coffee-cup together with two teaspoons of sugar and fill the cup half way through with warm water. Cover the cup and wait, as yeast needs 3 to 5 minutes to ferment.

Then mix some flour, salt, sugar and olive oil in a bowl, add a cup of yeast, warm water and knead for 10 minutes. When done, cover the bowl with a cloth and place at a warm place. In 45 minutes flatten the dough and prick it with a fork to avoid uneven rising of the dough when baking.

This bread tastes olives, as the bakers usually add olives to it. Besides olives and garlic, you'll find tiny pieces of rosemary in it as well. All of these are crowned with Parmesan cheese which is grated on top of the dough. 

Focaccia requires 10 to15 minutes of baking under 205 C and even the famous Latvian bread doesn't taste better than that.

2. Sallow thorn tea

More liquid you consume in the morning – healthier you'll feel yourself during the day and it is a good reason for starting your day with a cup of sallow thorn tea. It consists of Vitamin C, antioxidants and healthy acids.

As the flu, cold and viruses are all attacking us in winter, try a mixture of honey, lemon and a teaspoon of sallow thorn in a hot water. Squeeze some sallow thorn seeds in the cup and stir well. The tea has a sour-sweet aroma and only a single sip is enough to make you feel like winning over the flu.

3. If you prefer a fruit cocktail over a salty breakfast, then this blog is for you. Imagine, you've just woken up, it's still dark outside, and you're shivering and feeling like catching cold. Even if not quite shivering, a cocktail of oranges, banana and sallow thorn will anyway boost your mood and resistance towards the viruses. Throw all the mentioned ingredients in your blender and get a thick, colorful mixture. The cocktail will be ready only after adding some milk in it. Effect of your glass full of vitamins is instantaneous. Don’t believe me, just try!  

4. Crostini with Ricotta cheese

Those who love Bruscetta, will love Crostini. If you ask me – both of them make a perfect breakfast. They differ only in size and you will only need a little baguette and fantasy – that's it. To make it diverse, better to use some unusual ingredients, like Ricotta cheese which is quite a challenge to find in Georgia. To cut it short – it's up to your motivation and preferences.

If you are motivated enough you can prepare Ricotta at home - with milk, Matsoni and vinegar.

Start with pouring milk down in the pot, place Matsoni in a cup and pour some milk on it. Stir until you get a homogenous substance. When it's done, add the Matsoni mixture into a milk pot, add some vinegar and stir thoroughly on a middle fire. Soon the milk will change color and get some yellow scum. As soon as it simmers, take down from the stove and sieve. The Ricotta cheese is ready. The major part of the breakfast is done.

Next, take a garlic clove, cut in the middle and grease the inner side onto the baguette pieces. Heat the oven on 200C and place the bread pieces in it. Wait for 7 minutes. Top the toasted baguette with Ricotta, salt it and pour some olive oil. Slice a tomato if you feel like for vegetables, salt it, add minced mint or dried basil. Allocate them all nicely on a piece of bread and enjoy your breakfast.


5. Lemon cake

Every winter doctors urge us to turn the citruses into the main ingredients of our kitchens. I insist the same as I can't be impartial when talking about a lemon cake. If God exists, then the lemon tree is his representation on earth as there is no other more perfect tree in the world than the Lemon-tree. This ether citrus goes perfectly well with all - sweet, delicious and spicy meals and surprises me at every bite. So the lemon cake is one of the must-have things to taste while you are alive.

The lemon cake is cheap and easier to make than lacing up your shoes.
Heat the oven up to 200C. Throw some flour, soda, sugar, vanilla and lemon zest. Mix well, add some oil, squeeze a whole lemon juice in it, add a cup of water and stir well.

Then follow the general cake-baking rule – place the dough in a baking form, grease the surface with margarine and leave it in the oven for 30 minutes.

But that's not all. While you are cooling your cake, melt chocolate and margarine in a pot, stir well, cool it down a little and pour on a biscuit, then sprinkle with some walnut or almonds – the one you like most.

6. Croque Monsieur

How do you imagine your morning in Paris? Probably you are sitting on a balcony surrounded with plants, looking on rooftops and washing down a croissant with sugar-free coffee. Ok, now rewind the shot and let's discuss an alternative version of the vision. You are sitting at a balcony, observing people walking down the street and eating Croque Monsieur dressed with Dijon mustard. Actually it looks like a tastier scenario and it can be easily turned into reality if you heat your oven up to 180C. Before the oven, let's do few more procedures: 


Place a pan on a middle fire. Lay a thin slice of ham on a mustard-smeared piece of bread and top it with a butter-smeared piece of bread and roast. When the sandwich is done grate Gruyere cheese on top of it and place in the oven for 3 minutes. Your fulfilling French breakfast is ready. 

7.  Pumpkin pancakes

I've heard a pumpkin soup, but never a pumpkin pancake. So, I'm going to learn cooking it together with you.


Mix a teaspoon of yeast and the same amount of sugar in a small cup, add some warm water and wait for 2-3 minutes.

Meanwhile, whisk some pumpkin flash with oil, sugar and eggs with a wooden spoon, simultaneously pour a teaspoon of soda into a white wine vinegar and add to the previously made substance and also, add the yeast mixture followed by the cinnamon, salt, ginger and nutmeg.  Mix well to distribute all the spices evenly to the dough. Then throw some flour and milk in it.

So, we'll get a dough of a middle thickness. Wait for 7 minutes to ferment. Meanwhile smear butter on a hot pan and pour the dough on it. The pancake is ready in 3 minutes and enjoy with a drip of honey or maple syrup.


8.  Carrot cake

I'm somehow sure that you have never tasted a carrot cake. So, now is the time of tasting it.

First of all, obviously you'll need a carrot! It needs to be raw and thinly grated. Also, obviously you need to mix flour, soda, yeast, Muscat and cinnamon in a single bowl, well, it may not be that obvious, but let's still do it.

Whisk eggs, sugar and oil in a separate bowl until getting a homogenous mixture. Add grated carrot, orange zest and thinly sliced walnut. Add the above mentioned floury mixture to this and you'll get a thin dough. Then heat the oven on about 180C. Leave the dough for 40 minutes. Cool it and be careful – don’t let a rabbit eat it down to the final crumb.


9. Fritata - baked omelet

Making a good omelet needs a good experience. Moreover, Fritata is not a simple omelet, because it's baked. You wonder how? Keep reading!

Cut eggplant, onion, paprika and sausage. Set a pan on a high fire, pour some olive oil and stew the ingredients one by one for 3 minutes. Then add salt and paprika. Scramble an egg, stir in some milk and a tablespoon of water and add all these to the stewed ingredients. Place them all in the oven and wait for 30 minutes. The result will be better than words can express. 

10.Papaya bread  
This tropical plant is also commonly called as a melon tree and grows wildly in Americas and Asia. If we graft a watermelon, mulberry and melon we'll probably get a fruit with papaya aroma. The bread turns out the same.


Get rid of papaya seeds, peel it and cut into cubes. Throw some candied fruits in a bowl, pour Rum and let them sit together for 30 minutes. Roast walnuts and while it's getting cooled mix an egg, sugar and oil in a bowl and whisk well. Add milk, a teaspoon of soda, white wine vinegar, salt, about 20 tablespoons of flour and again stir thoroughly. The dough must be thin. Sprinkle the dough with cool thinly sliced walnut and throw the Rum candied fruits in the dough too. Heat your oven up to 180 C and place the baking forms full of dough in it for an hour. When the dough gets a lovely golden color that means your bread is ready to eat.