Akrdtsa -bean stew
30-60 Min
201-500 Kcal

Akrdtsa, or a dish with beans is similar to our traditional “Lobio”. It has a slightly different taste, since it requires a large variety of herbs and cornmeal.

100 100 gr. beans
200 200 gr. onion
20 20 gr. parsley
50 50 gr. celery or celery stems
30 30 gr. cornmeal
50 50 gr. butter or ghee
20 20 gr. spring onions
10 10 gr. coriander
10 10 gr. dill
80 80 gr. ham or bacon
step 1
Beans will cook faster if you'll soak it overnight and change the water in which it has cooked. After first boil continue cooking on a low fire. (How to find out if beans are cooked? We need to take a bean out and blow it. If the skin breaks and opens - it’s ready).
step 2
Cook parsley, celery stems and chopped onions with it. You can also slightly fry it in some butter or ghee. Tie the herbs together so that you can easily take them out.
step 3
Season the beans with cornmeal, which can be first fried (for a piquant taste) and then roasted in ghee with chopped onions, crushed garlic, chopped coriander and dill.

How To Serve

Akrdtsa tastes best together with some fried bacon.