Different type of chvishtari
30-60 Min
500+ Kcal

Even though we have Mchadi and Ghomi, I still think that the corn flour is not properly used in the Georgian kitchen. Corn bread is not very popular, but the dwellers of village Kurdzu bake corn Khachapuri, which looks quite like corn bread. It's easy it bake and lovely to snack on with friends.

350 350 gr. Corn flour
200 200 gr. wheat flour
2 2 egg
130 130 ml. milk
800 800 ml. matsoni
15 15 gr. baking soda
250 250 gr. sulguni
250 250 gr. Imeretian cheese
step 1
First sift your two kinds of flour, then scramble eggs in a deep bowl and mix with the flour.
step 2
Slowly combine it with Matsoni and milk in order to bring the dough to a middle point between the consistency of Khachapuri and Mchadi dough. Kneading it for minimum 10 minutes activates gluten and will make the dough a little more elastic. Halve the dough into two equal parts.
step 3
Neither Sulguni, nor Imeretian cheese for this bread should be fresh. Get them as dry and thick as possible. Crumble the cheese with your both hands, grease a pan or a clay pan with some oil, place one half of the dough on it, top first with the crumbled cheese and then with the second part of the dough.
step 4
Place the pan in the oven on 230 C for 23 minutes, until the crust turns dark golden. If baking on the stove, you must turn the bread and bake it for 10 minutes each side.

How To Serve

Cut the bread into pieces and dip them into the cheese stuffing.