Paravani trout soup
0 - 30 Min
Light dish
201-500 Kcal

There are few culinary cases that really surprise me and one of those are a fish culture in Georgian culinary. Even though we have the Black Sea, numerous lakes and rivers and a huge variety of seafood, somehow we only stick to no more that 4-5 species of fish. Even the fish recipes are quite a few in our reality.

Considering the huge potential of the Georgian water resources and their dwellers, I'd like to encourage Georgians to prepare more fish. In order to make the inception easy I'm starting with this trout soup recipe - a light, aromatic dish, which will prepare your moods for the upcoming spring. I’ve learned this recipe from a Paravani Lake fisherman and refined a little, so let me share it with you.

600 600 gr. trout filet
20 20 gr. lemon
25 25 gr. white onion
20 20 gr. carrots
40 40 gr. Spinach
10 10 gr. green onion
50 50 gr. celery
50 50 gr. parsley
1 1 clove clove of garlic
1 1 laurel leaf
150 150 gr. carrot
120 120 gr. white onion
step 1
Start with throwing the broth ingredients into a 2 liter capacity pot and boil it for an hour. That’s needed for avoiding using Galina Blanca or any other additions.
step 2
Trout should be cut into very thin, about 5mm slices.
step 3
At the same time prepare all the soup ingredients. Cut the ingredients very thinly and when saying very thinly I mean thin like turning the onion rings transparent and the spinach - into tiny grasses. The same applies to the lemon, green onion and trout.
step 4
The advantage of this soup is that it takes only a few minutes to make. When the broth is done, throw all the soup ingredients into a deep bowl, pour down the hot broth over and enjoy the dish in a minute. The whole idea is that the thin slices of the raw fish gets boiled really quickly under the hot broth and without boiling for hours, it’ll keep its natural taste. The spinach remains fresh and the rest of the vegetables will keep their natural aroma. Add some lemon juice if you feel like wanting.

How To Serve

Right before serving top the soup with some coarsely ground hot pepper, which will make the dish even more fragrant.