Beef roasted with fried elarji and kharcho sauce
60+ Min
500+ Kcal

I, Elene Kakabadze, will tell you about the extraordinary journey that led me from the beginning as ab aspiring chef to my current role as Executive Chef. This autobiography is about the dedication and undying love for the art of cooking that brought me to the top of the culinary world.

I recall my childhood memories of being in the kitchen - the smells, sounds and wonderful flavors that awakened in me a love of cooking. Today's dish is also from my childhood and is dedicated to my grandmother, who contributed immensely to my development as a foodie. This is a nostalgic culinary creation inspired by my grandmother's culinary art, each bite tells its story, imbued with boundless warmth and love.

Long hours of work, intense pressure and invaluable lessons that have shaped my craftsmanship and in which the lion's share belongs to Tekuna Gachechiladze - these are my first steps. It was she who laid the foundation of my culinary philosophy, values and principles that guide me in the kitchen to this day. You know, no journey is without failures, disappointments and betrayals, but in such moments I always remember those victories that made it all worth it and those moments that strengthened my love for culinary art. I would like to end my biography by thanking the mentors, colleagues and loved ones who have supported me throughout my culinary journey. And I sincerely encourage your readers to embark on their own journey with a strong desire and drive, just as I did.

The book From First Steps to Executive Chef: My Culinary Journey - is a celebration of the culinary arts, the constant pursuit of perfection and the joy of creating flavors that leave a lasting impression.

250 250 gr. corn grits
500 500 gr. suluguni
100 100 gr. walnuts
2 2 gr. utskho suneli (blue fenugreek)
2 2 gr. yellow flower (Marigold)
1 1 clove garlic
300 300 ml. beef broth
2 2 gr. ground pepper
1 1 gr. salt
150 150 gr. beef
step 1
Rinse the grits well and cook the elarji, transfer it to a container and let it cool, cut into squares and store.
step 2
Prepare the kharcho: blend the beef broth, walnuts, garlic, spices, the kharcho should be of a good consistency, not too thick and not too liquid.
step 3
Cut the beef cooked in the broth into equal pieces and fry in butter on a hot pan.
step 4
Fry the elarji and proceed to assemble the dish. Put the fried elarji on a plate, pour hot broth and add the beef.

How To Serve

Bon Appetit!