Salmon Kisi
30-60 Min
Light dish
201-500 Kcal

Currently, I hold the position of brand-chef at Tsiskvili Group, a renowned restaurant chain that has demonstrated exceptional success within the region of Georgia. The way that culminated in my current professional appointment was difficult, interesting and full of challenges.

I commenced my employment as a dishwashing personnel and subsequently transitioned into the role of cook assistant during the night shifts, before being promoted to the position of cook. I adhered to the hierarchical structure of the hotel and progressed through approximately 20 positions. I am pleased to have discovered an occupation that appeases my passions and provides me with immense satisfaction.

The art and science of preparing and consuming food, commonly known as gastronomy, along with the related discipline of culinary arts, have played an indelible role in shaping my entire life.   

The level of competitiveness in this particular domain is remarkably elevated, particularly in recent times, whereby great efforts have been made in advancing this sector. There is a continual need to introduce novel products or services to the market, as the potential for innovation is boundless, yielding a captivating prospect.

I manage a traditional Georgian restaurant, on the one hand, and Theater, on the other hand, where we create European dishes with distinctively innovative adaptations. Presently, my primary challenge is Theater kitchen, which introduces a unique culinary concept that incorporates the artistic element of performance into gastronomy. Every plate presents more than just cooked cuisine. It aligns with the idea of the program and integrates into it.

 Every dish is not only a mere a cooked food, but rather a thoughtfully prepared culinary creation.  It aligns perfectly with the theme of the Show and integrates into it.  As such, for the purpose of planned performance, it is imperative that a substantial team of culinary professionals be assembled, and my active involvement in the process is pursued until its completion. The inclusion of a starter, main course, and dessert within an event serves to imbue the occasion with a distinct character, style, and genre.

The confluence of traditional and innovative elements constitutes an interesting and exciting   process.

The present recipe of “Salmon Kisi” has been selected from the Theater menu.  In this article, I will share detailed instructions regarding the preparation of this dish- brand-chef Aleks Natadze.

Salmon Kisi:
350 350 gr. salmon fillet
300 300 gr. beetroot
5 5 ml. lime juice
20 20 gr. olive oil
5 5 gr. lime zest
10 10 gr. salt
1 1 gr. black pepper
Tarragon pesto:
50 50 gr. pecan
50 50 gr. walnut
20 20 gr. garlic
30 30 gr. coriander
100 100 gr. tarragon
60 60 gr. parmesan
2 2 gr. lemon zest
10 10 gr. lemon juice
180 180 gr. olive oil
10 10 gr. salt
1 1 gr. black pepper
300 300 gr. ripe avocado
150 150 gr. tomato
30 30 gr. red onion
5 5 gr. salt
5 5 gr. coriander
5 5 ml. lemon juice
1 1 gr. lemon zest
15 15 gr. pecan
10 10 gr. olive oil
step 1
Salmon fillet: wash the beets well, wrap them in foil and bake them at 160 degrees for 40 minutes.
step 2
Then put it in a blender and add the following ingredients - 5 ml lime juice, 20 grams olive oil, 5 grams lime zest, 10 grams salt, 1 gram black pepper.
step 3
Blend it well and put it in a fridge for 20/25 minutes. In the meantime, take 350 grams of salmon fillet, cut it into thin slices, put it on a plate and thinly spread the beetroot puree with a brush, wrap the salmon and leave it in a fridge for 24 hours.
step 4
When the salmon is ready, prepare the tarragon pesto and guacamole the same day so that the color does not change.
step 5
For the tarragon pesto: take all the ingredients, put them in a blender, blend them well, and it’s ready.
step 6
For guacamole: take the avocado, remove the skin and its stone, mash it well with a fork, add finely chopped onions, tomatoes, coriander and the rest of the ingredients to the obtained mass, mix well and it’s ready.
step 7
At the same time, we will prepare spicy oil: take 200 grams of sunflower oil, add 5 grams of paprika and 2 grams of chopped pepper, put it on low heat, when it heats up well and changes its color, strain and cool the oil.
step 8
In the meantime, we will start preparing the Kisi. Take the preliminarily prepared salmon, spread it on the stretch film (food bag) so that the red side is on top, we will put 100 grams of guacamole inside and make a ball. Fix it well with the stretch film so that it does not fall apart. Put it in a fridge for about 10-15 minutes.
step 9
In the meantime, prepare the cherry tomato salad: take 150 grams of cherry tomatoes, 30 grams of capers and 80 grams of tarragon pesto, mix them together, put the mass on a plate and put the salmon fillet on top. Arrange 3 slices of orange around it, sprinkle crushed pistachios on top, pour spicy oil. Add 3 red sorrel leaves and it is ready.

How To Serve

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