Kvari with truffle and cheese sauce
60+ Min
500+ Kcal

Hello, I am Lasha Ramishvili, a chef. I am a lawyer by education and I was involved in political journalism from an early age, until one day I decided that it was time to do what I liked the most. To everyone's surprise, I went directly from the magazine office to work as a cook in one of the small cafes.

This was  where my  culinary adventure started. I went through all levels of the kitchen hierarchy, I have worked both in Georgia and outside Georgia, in big and small projects.

It's been about six months since I returned to Georgia, currently I'm leading two projects, I'm a chef at a restaurant (Salt) and a brand-chef at a delivery box startup (Easy meal).

200 200 gr. Imeretian cheese
200 200 gr. Suluguni
10 10 gr. mint
10 10 gr. tarragon
2 2 gr. salt
50 50 gr. Imeretian cheese
50 50 gr. Suluguni
5 5 gr. mint
5 5 gr. tarragon
2 2 gr. salt
1 1 gr. black truffle paste
2 2 gr. chopped pepper
20 20 gr. cream 15%
20 20 gr. milk 3.2%
500 500 gr. bread flour
10 10 gr. sunflower oil
50 50 gr. water
5 5 gr. salt
step 1
To prepare kvari dough, we will need 0.5 g of bread flour, 0.01 g of sunflower oil, 0.05 g of water and 0.005 g of salt. This mass is kneaded together until the dough hardens and becomes elastic. Put the kneaded mass in a jar, close it tightly and leave it in the refrigerator for half an hour.
step 2
For the filling of the kvari, we will need Imeretian cheese - 0.2 g, Suluguni- 0.2 g, mint - 0.01 g, tarragon - 0.01 g, salt - 0.002. For kvari sauce, we will need Imeretian cheese - 0.05 g, Suluguni - 0.05 g, mint - 0.005 g, tarragon - 0.005 g, salt - 0.002 g, black truffle paste - 0.01 g, chopped pepper - 0.002 g, cream 15 % - 0.020 g, milk 3.2% - 0.020 g. Place the mass in a pot, put it on the stove, preferably at medium temperature. Mix often until we get a uniform consistency.
step 3
Roll out the dough and start cutting out the plates, then put the resulting stuff into the cut dough, cover the second plate and fix the dough well. Boil water, preferably add salt. Put kvaris in boiling water and let them for 5-7 minutes.

How To Serve

Serving: put the cooked kvaris in the desired dish and pour hot sauce. The dish is ready. Enjoy it.