Pistachio and raspberry cake
60+ Min
500+ Kcal

“I am an economist by profession, but my heart always lead me to the kitchen. I grew up in a family where feeding a capricious child was a headache for two grandmothers. My great-grandmother was Ukrainian. She cooked marvelously and had amazing taste. Lots of food were prepared at home every day with the hope that maybe any of them would be desirable for me. Every morning she used to prepare my favorite pancakes, which I never got bored of. Of course, I was always involved in the preparation process. This is when my great love and interest in cooking started.

I am a maximalist in reality and I decided to study this profession at a higher level. I entered the Georgian Culinary Academy, with a specialization in confectionery, where I acquired great   knowledge and experience. This further deepened my interest and desire to learn more and more in this field and achieve the desired goal.

On insistence of my friends, just a few months ago I established a company – Frangipane, where consumers can taste the highest quality confectionery. At this stage, desserts can only be purchased online, however I have big plans ahead and hopefully the space of my dreams will be opened soon.” - Nino Mgeladze.

3 3 piece eggs
410 410 gr. sugar
90 90 gr. wheat flour
200 200 gr. pistachio flour
1 1 piece vanilla
200 200 gr. raspberry puree
100 100 gr. frozen raspberries
35 35 gr. gelatin
150 150 gr. condensed milk
170 170 ml. milk
220 220 gr. white chocolate
410 410 ml. cream 33% -35%
125 125 ml. water
225 225 gr. glucose
step 1
To prepare pistachio sponge cake you will need: egg - 3 pcs, sugar - 105 g, wheat flour - 90 g, pistachio flour - 50 g vanilla. Mix eggs and sugar in a mixer for 10 minutes on medium speed. Add the flour mass and stir gently. Pour the dough into a metal baking tin. Bake at 170 -180° C for 30 minutes. Baking tin diameter 20 cm.
step 2
For raspberry jelly you will need: raspberry puree - 200 g, sugar - 50 g, frozen raspberry - 100 g, gelatin - 7 g. Bring raspberry puree and sugar to a boil. Add pre-soaked gelatin to the hot mass. Wrap the metal bottomless baking tin with a wrapping paper, pour puree, add frozen raspberries and freeze. Baking tin 18 cm.
step 3
To prepare the pistachio layer, mix 100 g of peanut flour and 150 g of condensed milk well. Wrap the metal bottomless baking tin with a wrapping paper, pour in the mass and freeze. Baking tin diameter 18 cm.
step 4
The ingredients of pistachio mousse are: gelatin - 10 g, milk - 170 ml, sugar - 30 g, white chocolate - 120 g, cream 33% -35% - 400 ml, pistachio flour - 50 g. Bring milk, pistachio and sugar to a boil.
step 5
Pour the boiled mass into the chocolate, add gelatin pre-softened in cold water and stir. Cool the mass to 35 degrees and stir in the lightly whipped cream.
step 6
Assembling the cake: wrap the metal bottomless baking tin with a wrapping paper and spread out a pastry ribbon. Pour 1/2 of the mousse. Put raspberry jelly, pour the remaining mousse mass from above. Divide the sponge cake into 2 parts, cut it out (diameter 18 cm), put a layer of frozen pistachio, with the pistachio layer underneath and dip it into the mousse. (We use only one part of the sponge cake). Freeze the cake. Pour the glaze over the frozen cake and decorate as desired.
step 7
For mirrored glaze you will need: gelatin - 18 g, water - 125 g, sugar - 225 g, glucose - 225 g, cream 33% -35% - 10 g, white chocolate - 100 g. Soak the gelatin beforehand. Bring water, sugar, glucose and cream to a boil. Cool slightly and pour over the chocolate. Add gelatin and blend. (Optionally add food coloring). Wrap the mass compactly and store in a fridge for 12 hours for stabilization. Preheat and blend before use. Working temperature 27-30 degrees. Pour the glaze over the frozen cake.

How To Serve

Bon Appetit!