Berry salad with drained matsoni sauce
0 - 30 Min
Light dish
0-200 Kcal

“I am a pharmacist by profession, but just 6 years ago I self-actualized  in cooking and today I know that I do not want to do anything other than that, it gives me great pleasure. I’m curious about it and I love it. I am happy to be in this team. “Lilac” is a space where I come every morning with great joy and I do not perceive it as a routine job.

The idea of ​​the dish belongs to Nini Sturua, I worked with her on this dish, we bought the ingredients  together and this resulted in a very interesting seasonal salad. At first we thought it should be for vegetarian guests, but everyone enjoys it.

Mariam Pachulia, “Lilac”

100 100 gr. lettuce
100 100 gr. green apple
2 2 walnuts from walnut preserve
40 40 gr. walnut
70 70 gr. raspberry
20 20 gr. blackberry
50 50 gr. drained matsoni
1 1 рinch salt
1 1 рinch pepper
step 1
To prepare the sauce, mix matsoni and 20 grams of raspberries.
step 2
Cut the apple into fine slices, add lettuce, salt, pepper and sauce, mix.
step 3
Transfer to a plate and arrange the remaining ingredients - walnuts, 50 g raspberries, blackberries, cut walnut preserve

How To Serve