Walnut Kharcho with veal ribs and mountain savory
30-60 Min

I am a 26-year-old chef. a brand-chef. From early childhood, I have been captivated by culinary and it feels like culinary has also chosen me. I got my experience from a lot of successful chefs in Germany and as well as in Austria. My goal is to bring novelties to Georgian gastronomic culture and also refresh grandparents' dishes and old traditional recipes with my newfound visions. I want people to be able to determine the character and emotional level of the dish, to choose what is most pleasing to them. The visuals and tastes of my dishes are mostly inspired by a variety of themes, mainly - traditions and new tastes, even their non-standard and sometimes unexpected compatibility - Saba Ichkitidze

400 400 gr. Veal ribs
90 90 gr. Walnuts
5 5 gr. Garlic
5 5 gr. White onion
2 2 gr. Red ground pepper
60 60 ml. Beef broth
5 5 gr. Yellow flower
2 2 gr. Dried coriander
3 3 gr. Fenugreek
2 2 gr. Salt
10 10 ml. Sunflower oil
20 20 gr. Wheat flour
3 3 gr. Thyme (mountain savory)
step 1
Fry the wheat flour in a low-fat pan until it turns golden brown, then add the separately stewed onions (the onion is fried in sunflower oil) with oil, add the crushed or chopped walnuts with the spices and finally add the beef broth (you can use water instead of broth) to obtained a mass of desired thickness.
step 2
Fry the ribs without fat in thyme, preferably over the coals, but it is also possible to bake it the oven or on a pan, with a little sunflower oil and butter. Tip: add the distilled oil so that the butter does not give black and dark coloring to the meat. Use thyme both directly in the roasting process and in when serving to give extra natural flavor.

How To Serve

Decorate as desired and enjoy it.