Dorado with sweet and spicy ginger sauce
30-60 Min

Brand-Chef Tornike Sakhvadze hosts us at Milan Bistro Grand 84.


“I have been working in this field for almost eight years. My first job was at Lounge-Restaurant Academy, where I started from scratch. Soon I became Sous-Chef of Chef Giorgi Sarajishvili and westill work together on various projects.


The longest period of my career is connected with Brotmeister. It was the first network company where I worked as an executive chef.


Currently, my main activities include consulting catering facilities, menu planning, arranging and further control of the kitchen, giving master-classes. In the future, I plan to introduce modern Georgian cuisine beyond its borders.”

20 20 gr. ginger
70 70 ml. sweet chili sauce
20 20 ml. saperavi wine
10 10 ml. soy sauce
5 5 gr. garlic
5 5 gr. sugar
5 5 gr. stack of coriander
300-400 300-400 gr. dorado
80 80 gr. panko
50 50 gr. potato starch
2 2 eggs
2 2 gr. salt
2 2 gr. pepper
300 300 ml. oil
step 1
Bring Saperavi to boiling to prepare the sauce. Chop ginger and garlic. Add ginger, garlic, chili sauce, soy sauce, sugar and chopped coriander to hot wine. Stir well and cool before use.
step 2
Clean dorado, separate fillet. Dip fish back in potato starch and fry in chip fryer. Lightly beat eggs, add salt and pepper. Cut fish fillet into medium-sized pieces, dip in eggs, then in panko, and repeat this process twice. Fry fillet in chip fryer or saucepan when home.

How To Serve

Serve with sauce.