Chicken salad with nut sauce and smoked cheese

I am 25 years old and have been in the kitchen for 7 years now. My grandfather was a chef, I have his name, and since childhood, I have always wanted to be a chef myself and I am very proud of that today. At this point, I manage the menu of a famous brand chef and entirely manage Puri Guliani's kitchen. My future plans are big and each year is important for my career.

150 150 gr. salad leaf mixture
70 70 gr. dates
30 30 gr. orange or lemon zest
100 100 gr. cherry tomato
50 50 ml. nut sauce
50 50 gr. smoked cheese
2 2 chicken breast
20 20 gr. Kakhetian oil
30 30 gr. capers
15 15 gr. ginger
15 15 gr. garlic
50 50 gr. oil
30 30 gr. Dijon mustard
step 1
Mix salad leaves, dates, orange or lemon zest, cherry tomatoes, peanut sauce and smoked cheese.
step 2
Marinate chicken with ginger, garlic, butter and mustard. Bake for 20 minutes at 180 degrees.

How To Serve

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