Turkey in matsoni marinade and chestnut sauce
30-60 Min
200 200 gr. turkey fillet
30 30 gr. matsoni
1 1 piece tangerine
1 1 piece churchkhela
50 50 gr. dried fruits
200 200 gr. chestnut
100 100 gr. cream
step 1
Leave the turkey meat in Matsoni with crushed tangerine for 30 minutes. Churchkhela and dried fruits need to be finely chopped. Made round balls from chopped mass. Pile the chestnut and cook until soft, then send it to the blender and mix with cream, add salt and pepper to taste. Heat the pan, pour olive oil and fry the turkey fillet. Leave for another 2 minutes under the foil. For serving, heat the sauce, pour on a plate, put pieces of meat and around churchkhela balls. At the end decorate with micro greens.

How To Serve