Guakamole with Saperavi bread and shrimps
0 - 30 Min
1 1 avocado
4 4 big size shrimps
1 1 Saperavi bread
25 25 gr. tomato
10 10 gr. garlic
2 2 gr. salt
1/2 1/2 gr. pepper
20 20 gr. coriander
15 15 gr. dill
20 20 ml. olive oil
5 5 gr. garlic powder
step 1
Cut the avocado and remove the stone, cut into cubes and crush (until the consistency of the puree), add chopped garlic, pepper, finely chopped coriander, dill and salt. Sauté the garlic in olive oil, mix well.
step 2
Fry the shrimps in olive oil with added garlic for 1-2 minutes (as soon as the color turns golden, the shrimps are ready).
step 3
Saperavi bread is made from high-quality Georgian wheat flour with dried yeast. Other prescription bread can be used for the recipe. Cut the bread in half, lay the guacamole (cooked mass) on top and garnish with shrimp.

How To Serve

Bon appetit!