Fasting beans with tomato
60+ Min
201-500 Kcal

Georgians love beans and Mexicans love beans; Georgians love it spicy and Mexicans love it spicy. We also both love a good amount of salt. In short, Mexican meals are close to the Georgian taste. We, Georgians went so far that have come up with the Mexican dish (Mexican potatoes). Let me tell you that the Mexican potatoes that are sold in Tbilisi are not Mexican at all, but let’s leave this for the later.

Mexicans have a sort of a bean fetish and use them basically in everything. Knowing about metabolism effects of beans, I rightfully think that Mexicans have the toughest guts in the world. I’ve learnt this dish from my Mexican friend, then twisted it a little to fit to the Georgian products and received quite a good one in the end.

80 80 gr. Onion
80 80 gr. Green pepper
150 150 gr. Red paprika
15 15 gr. Garlic
400 400 gr. Peeled tomato
10 10 gr. Tomato paste
200 200 gr. Fresh white beans
200 200 gr. Fresh red beans
60 60 ml. Dried corriander
60 60 gr. Parsley
10 10 gr. Chili pepper
20 20 gr. Sugar
10 10 gr. Cumin
280 280 gr. Wheat flour
110 110 gr. Margarine/vegetable oil
15 15 gr. Soda
50 50 gr. Corn starch
150 150 ml. Milk
step 1
Soak beans in triple more water and simmer for 2-3 minutes, then cool it down for 1-4 hours, drain the water and rinse it under the cold water for 10 minutes. This procedure is the absolute necessity otherwise, our system will get a serious stress. Then place it on the stove, cover with water and boil for 50-60 minutes. Keep the fire low, otherwise beans may break and strip off the coat. Also consider that boiled beans grow in size and periodically require adding water.
step 2
While beans are boiling, cut red paprika and onion into 3-4mm cubes, squash the garlic and if your tomatoes are whole, peel it and cut it. Meanwhile, let’s do tortilla – throw flour in the bowl, add soda, corn starch, milk and liquid vegetable oil. Knead thoroughly, roll on 3-4mm width, flatten on a saran wrap and let it rest. Tortillas can be substituted with toasted Lavash.
step 3
drain the beans whenever they are done. Place a pot on a middle fire; add oil, onion and paprika and stew for 4 minutes, then add tomato, tomato paste, garlic and stew for 4 more minutes. Meanwhile, place the tortilla dough into the 230C heated oven for 5 minutes and go back to the beans. As a main ingredient, it requires a proper attention. Throw beans into the tomato pot, add cumin, sugar, chili pepper in such amount to make the pot cry; next comes dry coriander, then stir well and add 50ml water. Stew all of these for 20 minutes until getting a thick mixture.

How To Serve

As the meal is thick in consistency you can serve it on a plate next to the tortilla or Lavash. Sprinkle it with thinly cut parsley and some ground pepper if you feel like doing so.

Useful Tips

The dish should become absolutely, ruthlessly spicy in a way that the plate must melt and the table must steam. Obviously it’s not a must; you can make it sweet, which comes out quite good as well. Mexicans grate some chocolate on top of it and make an interestingly piquant taste.