Cinnamon bun
30-60 Min
Light dish
500+ Kcal
350 350 gr. flour
2 2 teaspoon yeast
50 50 gr. sugar
1 1 рinch salt
1 1 egg
210 210 ml. milk
80 80 gr. butter
2 2 tablespoon cinnamon
100 100 gr. sugar
100 100 gr. raspberry jam
100 100 gr. cream cheese
30 30 gr. butter
70 70 ml. cream 30%
50 50 gr. sugar powder
5 5 gr. vanilla
step 1
Mix all dry ingredients together. Melt butter, add egg and milk. Put with dry ingredients and make a dough. Let's wait for the dough to grow at least 2-3 times in volume.
step 2
When the dough is ready, let's roll out and give it the shape of the rectangle, 2-3 mm height. Put the jam and the sugar with cinnamon on top. Make a roulette .
step 3
Cut the roulette on slices and put on the pan, 5 cm away from each other. Let's wait a little longer for a buns to get more fluffy. Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees and bake buns.
step 4
To prepare the enamel, all the ingredients should be at room temperature. Mix everything together in the bowl.

How To Serve

Spread the enamel on the buns and enjoy your meal!