Sweet rice
30-60 Min
201-500 Kcal
1 1 pumpkin
100 100 gr. dried apricots
50 50 gr. raisins
100 100 gr. brown sugar
120 120 ml. cream
100 100 gr. rice
70 70 gr. Georgian nuts
1 1 lemon
1 1 orange
1 1 vanilla stick
step 1
Cut the pumpkin. Keep the lower side untouchable. We will use it as a plate. Boil rice and pumpkin in different saucepans. Fry on a pan sugar, orange zest, dried fruits, and nuts.
step 2
After caramelizing pour with lemon and orange juices. Add rice and cream. Stir until mixture becomes homogeneous. Add a bit of vanilla seeds.

How To Serve

Cut out a bit of pumpkin. Place rice in it.