Dumpling con carne Giorgianou (A Georgian in Italy)
30-60 Min
500+ Kcal

This dish is a result of an argument between me and my Italian friend, who is also a cook. Italian guy dared to tell to the Megrelian guy that Georgians don’t know how to make pasta and how could Megrelian resist blurting that we have Georgian pasta made in Italian Bolognese style and that our noodles are of the same quality as Italian pasta. Obviously we have nothing like Bolognese, but our noodles are equally good. Then we made an international bet, where our common friends served as referees and it ended with Georgia winning over Italy. 

100 100 gr. Lean beef
300 300 gr. Flour
2 2 Eggs
5 5 ml. Red wine vinegar
300 300 gr. Tomato
15 15 gr. Corriander seeds
50 50 gr. Garlic
80 80 gr. Corn starch
50 50 ml. Dry white wine
15 15 gr. Sugar
20 20 ml. Soy sauce
15 15 gr. Coriander
step 1
noodles are not much different from pasta. You only need to scramble and add 2 eggs to the flour, knead, add a spoon or two water, knead again for 15 minutes to receive an evenly structured dough. The dough must be hard, but slightly softer than Khinkali dough. It must be wrapped in seran wrap and rest for 30 minutes. Everybody deserves a rest after hard work and the dough is not an exception. Please respect its labor rights.
step 2
Cut your meat into small, thin pieces, dissolve the corn starch into the wine and immerse the meat in it. It will take aroma from wine, while starch will make the meat soft. This technology is widely used in Asian kitchen and if considering that the Georgian cows are muscled like sportsmen, than their muscles will definitely need a little softening. Do not assume that the corn and potato starch substitute each other, as potato starch has a bitter taste and leaves an unpleasant aroma on the meat. Right after that heat the pan, add some oil and roast the meat until it gets a light brown color, then move from the stove and drain the oil.
step 3
Roll the dough on about 2mm width and cut in rhombs. As soon as the tomato sauce is ready, boil a big pot full of water. Add 1.5 tea spoon of salt to the water, then - dough and boil for 7 or 8 minutes. Simultaneously return your oil-drained meat on a middle fire and add as much tomato sauce as needed to cover the meat thoroughly. You have to get a wet mixture, stir it well and lower the fire. Meanwhile noodles will already be boiled, so drain the water, but do not add oil to it as the boiled dough will not absorb the meat sauce afterwards and the final taste will suffer. Move the drained Georgian pasta on the plate and top it with the tomato sauce meat.

How To Serve

The dish will be perfect with dry white wine, Goruli Mtsvane, Manavi Mtsvane or Tsinandali wines.

Useful Tips

You can add Kakhetian oil in the noodles and boil them in milk instead of water, which will turn the dish even more diverse; however, on the other hand it can load the meal with unnecessary tastes.