60+ Min
500+ Kcal


Chef-d'oeuvre of the Western Georgian Cuisine - Kupati is the most popular sausage in Georgia. Classic Kupati is made out of meat sub-products but seriously, why can’t we stuff it with high quality meat and cheese instead of entrails? Hereby, I'm offering you a modern version of Kupati with cheese.

Beef for Kupati should be fatty, while pork must be lean. Also, pay attention to the pork fat. It must be of a distinct white color. If it comes with even faint yellowish hues, it means the pig is aged and it may give the sausage an unpleasant smell.

Intestines will lose their unpleasant odor if you clean them under running water for about 4 or 5 minutes. Then turn it inside out and thoroughly rub with corn flour. When done, shake off the flour down with a blunt side of the knife and throw again for few more minutes under the running water. This procedure will make sure that the intestines have no gusty smell.

350 350 gr. Pork
200 200 gr. Pork Fat
150 150 gr. beef
150 150 gr. onion
250 250 gr. sulguni
1 1 рinch coriander seeds
1 1 рinch cumin
4 4 intestine
200 200 gr. maze flour
400 400 gr. potato
20 20 gr. green pepper
step 1
Tie up one side of the intestine and push your minced meat inside in a way to skip creating air bubbles in it. Each Kupati should be of 15cm long. The Georgian sausage will taste good next to the English style baked Hasselback potatoes. Obviously, we can make it in our Georgian way too.
step 2
Cut your potatoes like it's on the photo and place them in the oven for 35 minutes under 140 degrees. When it's done top it with some grated Sulguni cheese and return back to the oven until the cheese gets golden color (for about 15 minutes).
step 3
Place a Ketsi – clay pan - on hot embers or a stove and grease some pork fat on the warm pan. Melt it a little, but don't let the pan warm up too much. Place Kupatis on it and immediately pour some warm water on the Ketsi in order to avoid cracking the intestines under the high temperature. Add some water during 15-20 minutes and turn the kupatis on every side in order to cook evenly. After this, let the water dry and let Kupatis roast properly. Crack the roasted Kupatis on the same pan and stir well to spread the melted cheese all around the dish. Place the baked potatoes in the same pan and sprinkle it with thinly sliced paprika. Chop pork fat (keep some for roasting), pork and beef roughly together with 3/4th part of Sulguni cheese and onion. Grind coriander and cumin on your own as the packaged powders never have the same aroma as the freshly ground herbs have. Add the herbs to the meat and knead thoroughly.

How To Serve

It'd look nice if you serve the dish on Ketsi. Meal in clay pan looks always delicious and keeps the dish warm for longer.