Fish and chips
30-60 Min
201-500 Kcal

This classic English recipe is heaven for fish lovers! 

1 1 piece flounder
250 250 gr. flour
3 3 gr. soda
280 280 ml. dark beer
10 10 ml. lemon juice
3 3 piece red potatoes
2 2 gr. oregano
1 1 gr. sage
50 50 gr. marinated cucumber
2 2 ml. vinegar
10 10 gr. capers
15 15 gr. mustard
90 90 gr. mayo
step 1
First of all, cut out fish fillet. It's simple - flounder has 4 fillets and really big bones.
step 2
Prepare the dough - mix 250 gr. of flour, 280 ml. of beer, 1 gr, of salt and 3 gr. of soda. Mixture should be liquid and homogeneous.
step 3
Pour fish with lemon juice, salt and sage. After five minutes, put in the dough and after in hot oil (170 degrees). Wait until fish becomes brown.
step 4
Cook the sauce: finely chop pickles and capers. Mix with mustard, vinegar and mayo.
step 5
Wash and cut potatoes. Cook them in boiling water, potatoes should not be overcooked. After, cool them in a fridge. Fry potatoes in hot oil (180) degrees.

How To Serve

Place fish and potatoes chips on the same plate. Serve along with sauce.