Ancestors of Georgian Khinkali are from East - China, Tibet, Mongolia. All of them have different shapes, but Tibetian momo has almost the same shape as khinkali. They are also called tsak-sha. 

500 500 gr. flour
120 120 gr. cortstrach
500 500 gr. beef
120 120 gr. shallot
50 50 gr. coriander
100 100 gr. garlic
100 100 gr. ginger
200 200 ml. soy sauce
step 1
Scroll meat though grinder. Finely chop 80 gr. garlic, 80 gr. ginger, and 120 gr. onion. Mix with meat and 80 ml. of soy sauce.
step 2
Knead the dough. You will need 500 gr. of flour and 150 ml. of water. It should have a thick consistency. Then, put it aside for half hour.
step 3
Roll out the dough with a diameter of 8-9 cm and 1-2 mm thickness. Sprinkle with starch.
step 4
Put the meat in the dough and wrap like khinkali. Making folds is not necessary, you can just stick ends of dough to each other.
step 5
Cook momos on a steam, until they become a bit transparent. Make a sauce with remaining soy sauce, coriander, ginger, and garlic.

How To Serve

Serve with sauce.