Grape panna cotta
60+ Min
First layer
200 200 ml. cream
200 200 ml. grape juice
50 50 gr. sugar
100 100 ml. red semi-sweet wine
8 8 gr. gelatin (3 plates)
Second layer
200 200 ml. cream
200 200 ml. milk
50 50 gr. sugar
8 8 gr. gelatin
1 1 vanilla stick
1 1 bunch of grapes
step 1
Soak 8 g of gelatin in cold water. Pour into the pan juice, wine, cream, and sugar. Bring to a simmer and remove from heat. Squeeze the gelatine, add to the pan and let dissolve. Fill the cups 1/2, let cool and refrigerate. Wine settles and one layer will turn in two.
step 2
When the first layer thickens, start to cook the vanilla panna cotta. 8 g gelatin soak in cold water. Pour into a saucepan the cream, milk, sugar and vanilla seeds.
step 3
Bring to a simmer, let cool and gently pour on a grape layer. Put in the fridge.

How To Serve

Garnish with grapes.