Panna cotta with tarragon
60+ Min
250 250 ml. cream
250 250 ml. milk
4,5 4,5 gr. gelatin plates
50 50 ml. tarragon syrup
60 60 gr. tarragon
50 50 gr. mint
1 1 stick of vanilla
step 1
Put the gelatin in cold water.
step 2
Heat the milk, cream, and tarragon syrup (do not boil).
step 3
Wring out the gelatin, add to the milk mass and allow it to dissolve. Chop the tarragon and mint. Add to the milk mass with vanilla seeds.
step 4
Divide the mass among ramekins and leave in the fridge for at least one hour.

How To Serve

Serve with tarragon syrup and chopped mint.