Sea bass with bladdernut and spinach
30-60 Min
0-200 Kcal

I love seafood, especially from the Black Sea, but unfortunately, no one catches them. Speaking no one, I mean Georgians, since the Turks have been caught sea bass and bream for a long time.

And so, the Turks caught sea bass, sent to Georgia, we bought it and prepared our meal.

2 2 Sea bass
15 15 gr. lemon
300 300 gr. bladdernut
200 200 ml. kakhetian oil
2 2 Dijon mustard
20 20 gr. parsley
40 40 gr. onion
150 150 ml. apple vinegar
150 150 ml. vodka
400 400 gr. spinach
1 1 рinch sugar
10 10 gr. flour
10 10 gr. dried corander
step 1
Put cleaned fish in the marinade for 15 minutes. Marinade: 50 ml. vodka, 100 ml. vinegar, 50 ml. Kakhetian oil, 5 g salt, 10 g sugar.
step 2
Remove the fish from the marinade, sprinkle with flour from the skin side and fry in a pan, don't turn it to the other side. Pour the fish from the with hot oil from the pan, so it will fry from the top too.
step 3
Pour into a bowl 2 tablespoons vinegar, 2 teaspoons mustard, and start beating with a mixer. Gradually add 100 g of Kakhetian oil without stopping beating. At the end, add a pinch of salt and mix mayonnaise. 100 grams is enough for 500 grams of bladdernut.
step 4
Pour boiling water over the spinach and squeeze. Finely chop, add 20 ml of Kakhetian oil, 40 grams of onion and two pinches of dried coriander.

How To Serve

Put on a plate bladdernut and spinach, place the fish on top, add the remaining mayonnaise and a few drops of lemon juice.

Useful Tips

First of all, it is necessary to clean the fish. It is clear that many do not know how to do it, but on the internet, you can find lots of videos that will help you.