30-60 Min
201-500 Kcal

Traditionally, all national Georgian dishes, that need a bit of sour taste, are made with pomegranate. Today, I decided to break the rules and try some currants. Barberries can be used also – it’s up to you. 

700 700 gr. beef
300 300 gr. pork
100 100 gr. onion
4 4 piece garlic
100 100 gr. currant
400 400 gr. epiploon
0.1 0.1 gr. savory
step 1
Put the meet through the chopping machine. Add savory, salt, red pepper flakes, chopped onion and garlic. Leave the currants for the last, add them carefully.
step 2
Wrap 200 gram meat balls in epiploon and flatten it.
step 3
Fry the Apkhazura on grill or pen.

How To Serve

Apkhazura is quite greasy dish, so it perfectly matches Borjomi!