Bream with spinach
30-60 Min

Georgia has lots of rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and at the same time a great sea coast line but still we don't have a coulture of cooking fish. After reading these phrases there must appear a person, whose family has a lot of recepies of making fish dishes, survived from the ancestors. I want to tell this person: - You are one in a million and, we mortals, do not respect fish enough. So, I decided to show my respect: today we'll cook the Black Sea Bream (the same Black Sea crucian carp), with tasty white flesh and a pleasant aroma.

1 1 Bream
20 20 gr. green onion
1 1 рinch coriander
20 20 ml. vinegar
15 15 red pepper nuts
1 1 рinch red pepper flakes
1 1 clove garlic
15 15 gr. bay leaf
1 1 lemon
120 120 gr. spinach
15 15 gr. raisin
15 15 ml. vodka
step 1
We start making our dish from cleaning a fish from a fins and cutting out fillets. Bream has just few of spines and all of them are big, so processing of this fish is quite easy.
step 2
Place vinegar, vodka, red pepper, bay leaf, crushed garlic and lemon zest in one vessel - this will be our marinade. Cut coriander stems (keep the leaves) and put them in the marinade, add 50 grams of sugar and 10 grams of salt. Let marinade boil a bit to open up and enhance the aromas.
step 3
Put the fish fillets into cooled marinade and keep there for 7-8 minutes. This will let the fish prepare for light frying.
step 4
Put out the fish, then boil and cool the marinade once again. Cut coriander leaves and green onion, add them to the marinade with raisin. Sieve the mass and put back to the frying-pan, add some sugar and make a syrup.
step 5
Fry the fish on pen, 1 minute from the one side, 1 minute - from another. Sprinkle spinach leaves with coriander, onion and raisin, pour it with syrup and put on a plate.

How To Serve

Lie the fish on spinach and enjoy the dish.