Polenta and mushroom salad
30-60 Min
Light dish
201-500 Kcal

I love cornmeal and I love corn, but I hate monotony. Maize is the second largest yield in the world. Approximately 823 million tons are harvested annually. There are mostly three types of corn spread in the world – yellow, white and blue. Blue and yellow corn is rare in Georgia, but we do have white corn. There are many ways of grinding it, however, we only have coarse ground “Gherghili” and cornmeal in Georgia. The texture of Polenta, “Ghomi” of Italians, is rather lighter and pleasant, as it is equally milled. Sadly Georgians do no pay much attention to it.

100 100 gr. mushrooms (which grow on tree barks)
100 100 gr. polenta
120 120 gr. cornmeal
500 500 gr. smoked Suluguni cheese
8 8 gr. tarragon
30 30 ml. olive oil
15 15 gr. sunflower sprouts
50 50 gr. barberry
80 80 gr. sorrel
80 80 gr. cress
step 1
Cook cornmeal the same way as “Ghomi” is made and instead of “Gherghili,” add Polenta. Besides being a name of the dish, it is also a name of flour grinding level. Once “Ghomi” is done, let it cool, roll it out, cut into thin slices and fry them. Clean mushrooms and place them in a pan greased with a little bit of oil.
step 2
Fry mushrooms and “Ghomi” pieces in a pan and add salt. On the next stage mix olive oil, half of tarragon and barberry for the dressing. Place all the green ingredients in a bowl, add the dressing and grate smoked Sulguni over. Dice fried slices of Italian-Georgian “Ghomi.” As the mushrooms are fried, put them in the bowl of green ingredients and then add “Ghomi” dice. Add salt for serving, but avoid iodized salt, as larger crystals of rock salt give us more pleasant feel and structure.

How To Serve

It is a very simple and pleasant salad, so you do not need to overthink about serving it. It has so many beautiful components, that the dish becomes naturally beautiful. In the end, you can add barberry for serving.