Corn soup
30-60 Min
Light dish
201-500 Kcal

This soup can be prepared both with canned corn or a seasonal fresh corn. 

100 100 gr. corn
100 100 gr. potato
20 20 gr. butter
20 20 gr. olive oil
10 10 gr. ginger
10 10 gr. garlic
10 10 gr. microgreens
10 10 gr. cumin
10 10 gr. paprika
2 2 piece royal prawns with shell on
step 1
Fry onions in oil on a low fire. Then add a single grated garlic clove and ginger. When it’s fried, add bouillon or water and potato.
step 2
When the potato is cooked, add canned corn, simmer once more and remove from the fire. Blend it and add cumin, dried coriander and paprika.
step 3
You are freeto use any type of prawns, tiger or king prawns. It does not matter if it's shelled or not. Remove the shell and guts and add a bit of salt and pepper. Heat a pan, add oil and remaining garlic (crushed) and roast the prawns. When it starts becoming red, turn them over and add butter.
step 4
When the prawns gets reddish color on both sides, place them on a plate. Keep few corn seeds for serving. Fill a bowl with the soup, sprinkle seeds over it, top it with prawns and decorate with coriander leaves and olive oil drops.

How To Serve

To add a more Mexican flavour sprinkle lime zest and add a little bit of its juice over the soup.