Khachapuri with spinach and cheese filling
30-60 Min
500+ Kcal
1500 1500 gr. flour
20 20 gr. yeast
3 3 salt
20 20 gr. sugar
50 50 ml. oil
1 1 kg. spinach
800 800 gr. Imeretian salty cheese
30 30 gr. A bunch of green onion
30 30 gr. A bunch of dill
30 30 gr. a bunch of coriander
200 200 gr. pork fat or boiled butter
2 2 onion
100 100 gr. butter
step 1
Sieve 1kg flour in a bowl; mix yeast and sugar in another smaller bowl, add warm water and wait to ferment.
step 2
Add some salt to tthe flour, stir on the fermented yeast and warm water and knead the dough. (It's hard to note exact proportions of the water and flour, as it all depends on the kneading technique, so just trust your intuition and slowly, very carefully add small amounts of water).
step 3
Meanwhile, carefully wash your spinach and herbs, cut them thinly and grind in your hands, then add crumbled or grated cheese. Stew 2 thinly chopped onions in a pork fat or a boiled butter on a separate pan, then add it to the stuffing and mix well.
step 4
When the dough grows in size, divide it into several pieces, e.g. I've parted it into three, so the stuffing should be divided into three similar balls too, but it must be less in size than the dough. Roll the dough on a flour-covered surface on about 0.7cm width, place the stuffing in the middle of it and wrap.
step 5
Then flatten the ball in a round shape and move on a 220C preheated oven pan, give the final shape and bake for 10 or 15 minutes. Grease some butter on top of the baked Khachapuri and serve hot.

How To Serve

Advice: Spinach can be substituted with beetroot leaves, while the rules will stay the same. You can also choose less salty cheese based on your preferences.