Meskhetian kada recipe
30-60 Min
500+ Kcal
For kada filling take:
100 100 gr. flour
50 50 gr. butter
2 2 gr. salt
50 50 gr. sugar
For kada dough:
1 1 kg. flour
600 600 gr. water
7 7 gr. yeast
10 10 gr. salt
step 1
Melt butter in frying pan, add flour and fry. When the mass has cooled down add sugar and a little salt.
step 2
To prepare the dough, put flour and yeast in a bowl then add warm water and knead the dough. When the dough is homogeneous add salt.
step 3
Leave to proof for one hour and cut into balls of desired size.
step 4
Leave the balls to proof for 15 minutes and then roll out thinly with a rolling pin. Spread the rolled balls with melted butter or clarified butter and put them into book shapes.
step 5
Then take each shape in your hand, roll it up, flatten it a little and put the filling in the middle, cover again with the same dough and flatten it a little again.
step 6
Bake in oven for 20 minutes at 220 degrees.
step 7
Brush the cooked Meskhetian kadas with 1 beaten egg on top.

How To Serve

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