Chirbuli Vegetable Stew
30-60 Min
Light dish
201-500 Kcal

I am Mariam, although everyone calls me Caramel and I am mostly known by this name.
I am a marketing and social media manager/content creator for various food facilities. This is how I managed to combine my work and hobby: I love cooking, and even more, taking photos and videos of beautiful and tasty dishes. I always try to add color and positivity to the lives of people around me, and I do the same in my recipes: all my dishes are colorful and different from each other. I’m trying to improve the vegetarian direction and I plan to make a blog of this trend, where along with healthy recipes, I want to publish those ones  that will capture your hearts with their beauty and visuals.
I would like to share with you my interpretation of the traditional Adjarian dish Chirbuli. I hope you will enjoy it.

3 3 piece red bell peppers
3 3 piece tomatoes (preferably Roman)
1 1 piece yellow bell pepper
1 1 piece large onion
3 3 piece garlic
1 1 рinch hot pepper
10 10 gr. coriander
10 10 gr. basil
10 10 gr. parsley
1 1 рinch paprika
1 1 рinch black pepper
1 1 рinch chili
100 100 ml. cream
2 2 piece eggs
step 1
To prepare two servings of stew, we saute coarsely cut onions and chopped garlic in oil.
step 2
At the same time, we parboil the tomatoes so that the skin peels off easily.
step 3
We cut the bell pepper, add it to the pan, then add the peeled tomatoes, close the lid and let it cook well. We stir the vegetable mix several times and in about 15 minutes, before switching off, we add the greens.
step 4
We transfer all this mass to the blender, add cream as desired, spices to taste and blend.
step 5
At the same time, we boil the egg for 5-6 minutes so that it remains soft and then put the boiled egg on top of the chirbuli mass transferred to the plate.
step 6
We can add live vegetables – bell pepper and cherry tomatoes, pour olive oil or cream on top and garnish.

How To Serve

Bon Appetite!